Invaders, puppets attacked in Ingushetia and Chechnya

1251.jpgAccording to occupation sources, on 21 of June in Nazran, Ingushetia, a sabotage unit of Mujahideen has attacked from automatic weapons a so-called “Office of Public Prosecutor”. As a result of the attack the so-called prosecutor got heavy injuries. No other details have been reported.

The occupation sources have reported that near the village of Agishty (Shali district), Mujahideen ambushed a convoy of Russian kafirs. Invaders claim that a result of the ambush on two occupiers were got wounded.


KC has not received any comments from the Chechen side.

Meanwhile, in capital of Jokhar on the night of June 20, two the so-called “policemen” were eliminated and two others were badly wounded, – Chechenpress agency reports.


Two operations by Osman unit


A Chechen command reports with reference to internet edition Alkavkaz about the military operation in Benoi-Vedneno, southern Chechnya, on 19 June, as a result of which one URAL army truck was blown up. Mujahideen led by Amir Osman ambushed the Ural truck as it was traveling on the Benoi-Vedeno highway using mines. 3 Invaders were killed and 2 were wounded. There were no losses among the Mujahideen.


Another successful sabotage by the Mujahideen led by Amir Osman, took place in the village of Shirdi-Mohk. According to the source, two kafirs were eliminated as a result of a special operation. Mujahideen did no incur any loses in that action.

Clash in Vedeno district


A Kavkaz Center source inside the Chechen command reported that on 20 June in the Vedeno area of the country a firefight took place between Mujahideen mobile squad and Russian/Chechen traitor forces. During the gun battle one Chechen fighter became a Shaheed (insha Allah). According to the source Russians and Chechen munafiqs incur seriously casualties. According to radio intercept 2 Russian kafirs were eliminated and 1 Chechen munafiq was seriously injured. No other details of the battle were reported.

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