Serbian special prosecutor to investigate political ties to Djindjic assassination

BELGRADE, Serbia — Special prosecutor Slobodan Radovanovic announced on Thursday (June 21st) that his office plans to investigate possible political involvement in the March 2003 assassination of Prime Minister Zoran Djindjic.He said the probe would cover all of the various allegations that have surfaced. A number of officials close to Djindjic have made claims that top government officials, the security services and the army conspired against the late prime minister.

Last month, Belgrade’s Special Organised Crime Court sentenced 12 people, including former elite police unit troops and members of the Zemun Clan crime gang, to prison for the murder. Presiding Judge Nata Mesarovic said it was a political assassination, directed against those who supported the extradition of war crimes indictees to The Hague.

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