America’s Axe and Iran’s Arrogance

Does Iran know how sensitive the current circumstances in the region are? Does it know that the scenario of what happened in Iraq during the era of the deposed, executed President Saddam Hussein is about to be repeated on the “noble” Iranian people, thanks to the policy of Ahmadinejad, who is “undiplomatically motivated”!

Ahmadinejad, the man of blind surprises and atrocious offensive statements, is leading his people today to a new suffering and a stricter siege than ever before, through his intransigence and adoption of a policy of setting fire in all directions. This is because Britain proposed a new draft resolution which is to impose new international sanctions on Iran, including denying Iran Airlines access to world airports or flying through international airspaces. The draft resolution also suggests preventing Iranian ships from using world ports or navigating in international waters, in addition to freezing assets and transfers to at least one Iranian bank. It is known that once a resolution is passed by the Security Council, the international community would be capable of implementing it by the force of law before the military force, and implementing this resolution against Iran would only require international cooperation in isolating Tehran.

Iran’s practices in the region have become widespread, disturbing some ‘stable’ Middle East countries. Tehran has become like a snake besieged in a corner, failing to find a way out to escape, so it started to spit out its venom in all directions.

Kuwait complains of an assault on one its diplomats by Iranian elements. Information confirms Iranian security forces were involved in beating him. Cairo announced its discontent with the practices of Tehran, and accused it of encouraging Hamas to carry out a coup against the Palestinian Authority in the Gaza Strip, considering this a threat to the Egyptian security, since Gaza is at a stone’s throw from Egypt. France expelled an Iranian student, due to his connection with the Iranian nuclear program and accused him of spying for the regime in Tehran. Tehran is procrastinating the extradition of Saudi prisoners in Iran to Riyadh, discarding the security agreement signed between the two countries.

In Sudan, Sudanese Islamic groups warned of a great scheme led by Iran, as entire villages have become Shiites and Hussainiyahs are spreading in Khartoum. This forced these groups to launch a campaign against the pro-Iran ideology in Sudan.

In Lebanon, Hezbollah constitutes a state within a state due to Iranian support. Iraq is the perfect hotbed of Iran, where it manages its war with the US and buys itself the adequate time and space to complete its nuclear programs. Chief of the Iraqi Accord Front Adnan al-Dulaimi accused Tehran of supporting extremist Shiites and Sunnis, saying it played a big role in this field. It provides everyone with funding, weapons and information in order to thwart the political process, bearing in mind that this is the first time Iran is accused by a Sunni political figure of backing Sunni extremists. All previous charges against Tehran were about its support of Shiite militias in Iraq. Al-Dulaimi also accused Tehran of continuing to be the most active terrorism-sponsoring State in the world, charging the Iranian Revolutionary Guard (IRG) forces, the intelligence and security of “direct involvement in planning and supporting terrorist acts.”

In statements to a British newspaper earlier, Military Adviser to Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Shamkhani threatened Arab Gulf countries to shower them with a barrage of rockets that would not only target American bases, but would also include oil refineries and power plants in the Gulf States.

How much venom is spitted out by Iran in a ‘feverish’ and ‘exhausted’ region that cannot endure any dangerous games from Iran or others! Ahmadinejad’s behavior today is like a ‘balloon’ that is getting inflated and then disappears in the air with a violent wind. It seems that Ahmadinejad’s behavior is like a desperate man, who reached the stage when he tells himself “I will not go down alone, I’ll take my enemies with me.” Ahmadinejad is spitting out venom that will kill him after he crushes the desires of an innocent people. Where are the sages of the Iranian policy? Iran is at the brink of a new military strike next fall. Can anything be done before it is too late, before the Iraq scenario reoccurs in Iran, because of the ‘arrogance’ of Ahmadinejad’s policy and those who stand behind his government!

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