Base of ‘reconnaissance squad’ attacked in Ingushetia

1318.jpgAccording to sources from Ingushetia, on Tuesday morning of June 26, a mobile squad of Mujahideen attacked a base of Russian occupation gang the so-called “reconnaissance squad”. According to the lastest information 3 invaders were eliminated and wounded as a resulf to the attack. However, the exact number of casualties of kafirs is unknown, as the kafirs try to hide them.


According to same source a woman also died, who was hit by stray bullets.


Meanwhile the FSB has reported their version of the event. The so-called Public Relations Center of FSB reported that “on Tuesday morning unidentified assailants attacked a field engineering reconnaissance squad, killing 1 and injuring 2 soldiers”.


According to FSB, invaders came under attack at 8 am local time by “two unidentified assailants wearing masks during examining the premises of the Federal Security Service’s border department for Ingushetia”.


“The daughter of a female officer died in hospital after being injured in a gunfire attack against an
engineering reconnaissance squad in Ingushetia”, the FSB reports.


Thus FSB does not give any explains on how did “the daughter of a female officer” in structure of engineering reconnaissance squad of kafirs. 


10 kafirs eliminated in Nozhai-Yurt district


According to the Arab website, a battle between Mujahideen and an invader unit took place on 24 June in the area of Tsentaroi village, Nozhai-Yurt district. Four mobile teams of Mujahideen and a unit of Russian the so-called Special Forces participated in the battle.

Chechen fighters ambushed kafirs and attacked the enemy. During fierce gun battle, Mujahideen managed to eliminate 10 Russian Spetsnaz. From the Chechen side several Mujahideen were wounded.


According to the source of Arab website, Russian invaders took the bodies of dead soldiers by helicopters. No other details were reported.

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