New combat operations of Mujahideen in Chechnya

14.jpgAccording to the source of AlKavkaz news website, on June 28 during a combat operation near the village of Gezinchu, southern Chechnya, a unit of Mujahideen under the command of Amir Osama blew up an APC of the invaders. As a result 3 Russian kafirs were eliminated and 3 others were badly wounded.


At the same time, a mobile squad of Mujahideen led by Amir Khalid ambushed Russian paratroopers in the forest near the village of Zhanni-Vedeno. The paratroopers have been landed from a helicopter. According to the website, in a heavy gun battle 4 paratroopers were eliminated, from the Mujahideen side 2 fighters were wounded.


4 kafirs killed, wounded in Tazen-Kala village


Occupation sources reported that on Sunday morning, July 1st, in the village of Tazen-Kala, Vedeno district, as a result of a sabotage action two Russian kafirs the mercenaries were eliminated and two others were injured. According to source the invaders had been blown up by the remote-controlled landmine. No additional details have been reported.


Russian convoy comes under fire near Agishty


As the occupation sources admit, in last Saturday evening near the village of Agishty, on the border of Shali and Vedeno districts of CRI, a mobile squad of Mujahideen attacked a military convoy of Russian kafirs. Russian sources claim that as a result of attack one URAL military truck, one Russian kafir were destroyed and two kafirs were injured. No additional details have been reported.


Shootout, explosion in Karabulak


According to the sources from Ingushetia, in the afternoon of 29 June, an UAZ army jeep with a group of local gangs the munafiqs from OMON (rapid reaction police force) came under fire in the town of Karabulak, Ingushetia. The precise data on casualties of munafiqs is unknown. After the attack a powerful explosion occurred in the town. According to the latest information one person was killed as a result of the explosion. No other details were reproted.

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