Road accident made into an act of terrorism

11.jpgThe next antiterrorist hysteria is untwisted in London. It is not clear yet, if this company creating fear is connected with election of the new prime minister of this country Gordon Brown.


The new prime minister of Britain Gordon Brown in the television broadcast to the nation supported the introduction of emergency measures on the whole country, and has called on its citizens « to be vigilant and assist the police ».


« I am confident, that Britishers will remain uniform and resolute », – he added.


All these surprisingly reminds us of early Putin’s days, which was pre planned in Kremlin by means of precisely same “threats” and « appeals to the nation » after explosions of houses in Moscow and Volgodonsk of which the Russian Intelligence Agency FSB is suspected.


Let’s remind that the Britain has raised its level of threat of national security up to the mark of “critical”- the highest. The British Ministry of Internal Affairs informed. This level means that terrorist attack in the country «can occur at any moment» says BBC.


The decision on increasing the threat level was accepted after the burning car, which has lighted up, ran into a building of the airport of Glasgow, and on Friday in London two cars which “by a lucky chance” did not blow up have been found out by police.


Incident at the airport which is more similar to banal road accident, authorities of the Great Britain have declared « attempted act of terrorism ».


In proof of this version British police has informed, that two persons have been arrested, « when they jumped out of the burning car ». This strange formulation assumes, probably, that passengers of a burning car should sit inside it and not leave so that the fire burns them alive.


The representatives of police said that one of two arrested persons had on himself « a suspicious device ». But time and again the police made it clear that it was not an explosive. However British mass-media wrote headlines about finding “a martyr belt “. Meanwhile the police show strange persistence and does not wish to speak, about this “device”.


The British mass-media informed that a session of special committee of COBRA took place in London on which incidents in Glasgow were discussed. We remind our readers that last time the COBRA met together was after a nuclear terrorism act in London in the autumn of 2006 when an FSB agent Andrey Lugovoy under Putin’s order killed the ex-officer of FSB Alexander Litvinenko.


Meanwhile, Washington has responded to events in Britain. In opinion of the White House, incident in Glasgow testifies that « global aviation terminals are under threat ».


Let’s specify in this connection, that the underground companies working for British authorities on « the prevented acts of terrorism », came to an end either clearing of “terrorists”, or the crumpled litigations above “accused” on which the British mass-media practically informed nothing.

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