Mujahideen take control over mountain Chechnya

132.jpgAccording to the source inside the command of the Mujahideen during the past four months (March-June 2007), as a result of active offensive operations and diversionary attacks, units of Chechen Armed Forces have established a firm control over the most of the mountain-woody areas in southern Chechnya.


Dozens of new permanent and operational bases have been established in the mountainous Chechnya during the same period of time. Due to the large influx of young people, the general staff CRI Armed Forces has developed an Operational Programme of Action of Mujahideen Command for training and teaching the younger the basic skills of warfare, sabotage tasks, and etc.


According to the source, during this time period communication between the fronts and sectors and between the individual units of Mujahideen has improved.


According to the command of Mujahideen, operational military situation in Chechnya and in the zone of responsibility of the Caucasus Front has tremendously improved.


Munafiq undermined in capital Jokhar


According to Russian news agencies a car was exploded in the center of capital Jokhar on Monday. The explosion seriously injured one of the munafiqs (the national traitors) who was on the duty. Russian invaders report that they had found another car stuffed with explosives.


Earlier occupation sources reported about attacks Mujahideen in Shali and in Vedeno regions of the country. As a result of these attacks, a number of Russian kafirs were killed and wounded.

Three kafirs wounded near Agishty


Occupation sources reported that on Sunday July 1, in the village of Agishty, on the border of Shali and Vedeno, Mujahideen fired on a mobile team of deminers, who were conducting a so-called engineering reconnaissance. The attack wounded 3 Russian kafirs. N other details of the incident were reported.


Let’s recall that on Saturday near the same village a squad of Mujahideen attacked a car convoy of kafirs. The invaders’ command said that as a result of the attack, an URAL army truck was hit, having eliminated one and wounded two Russian kafirs.

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