Mullahs denied nuclear enrichment slow down; removed the report shortly after

Iranian mullahs’ persistence on uranium enrichment for the purpose of acquiring nuclear weapons created a folly today.  The mullahs denied nuclear enrichment activities slow down; but removed the report shortly after it was published.

On Monday Dr. ElBaradei, the head of International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) said the Iranian regime has slowed down its expansion of its uranium enrichment program.

On Tuesday the PressTV, the mullahs’ propaganda television in its website reported “a member of Majlis (Parliament) National Security Committee has denied reports that Iran is slowing down the expansion of its uranium enrichment activities”.
Shortly after, the mullahs realized that this official has made an injudicious deleted the story. (Yet, in the Google News still a brief to the dead link of story can be viewed alongside a photo of the member of the Parliament.)

The folly is a solid example of the mullahs’ nuclear gambit: Push forward at full speed to attain the Bomb as expeditiously as possible. At the same time resorting to all sorts of ploys to buy time and pretend that it has a peaceful purpose.

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