Islamic Movement in Somalia report fiercest attacks

1162.jpgAs the battle for Islamic Somalia continues, the Youth Islamic Movement have released a fresh report that details a multi-pronged operation that they carried out in Mogadishu, with some attacks in the Bakara market that mainstream media claims is “returning to normal” and also in the city of Afgooye.

If mainstream press does reports attacks, it is always presented as against “civilians” which is of course a blantant lie as the Mujahideen never target civilians and will abort missions in order to preserve innocent loss of lives. While the Youth Islamic Movement carried out some of their recent attacks at the largest open air market in Mogadishu, it was against the checkpoints manned by collaborators and the US-backed regime and not against “civilians”.

In addition, the YIM also reported attacks in Afgooye, 50 km from the capital. Here is their report, published uncut and uncensored, as translated by JUS.

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Youth Islamic Movement Report Fiercest Attacks In The Past Two Months

In The Name Of Allah The Most Gracious The Most Merciful

All praise be to Allah, The Cherisher and Sustainer of the worlds. Peace and prayer be upon our prophet, Muhammad, his family, and his companions.

This is the harvest of the Jihad in Somalia for July 18 – 19, 2007 corresponding to 4 – 5 Rajab, 1428.

The Mujahideen from The Youth Islamic Movement carried out their fiercest attacks in the last two months on the puppet army and police, the allies of the occupation. The attack began on Wednesday night, 4 Rajab 1428 corresponding to July 18, 2007 at around 1.15 am after midnight, Makkah time.

The operation was carried out at different places in the capital of Mogadishu:

· Inside the Bakara market

· Intersection of Bakara

· Intersection of Halodagh

· Intersection of Adam Adi

· Jaid Jael area (the tree of love)
These points are considered checkpoints of the apostate police.

In this operation, various light and medium-sized weapons were used and the Mujahideen fought heroically. The operation continued until very late at night until the apostates fled leaving their posts. The Mujahideen were not able to determine the exact amount of loss they caused to the enemy.

This blessed operation come after the recent increase in the cross worshipper forces in the capital under the guise of security in the capital and especially in the Bakara market, which is the main place that local people to meet their daily needs.

It is worth mentioning that the enemies are trying to tighten their grip on the helpless civilians and are working day and night to cut the sustenance of these poor people but Allah is the Sustainer, the All Powerful.

These blessed attacks also came just a few hours before the so-called Reconciliation Conference (that is really the conference of conspiracy), after it had been postponed due to the bomb attacks by the Mujahideen at the conference location.

On Thursday morning 5 Rajab 1428 corresponding to July 19, 2007 the Mujahideen carried out an attack against an apostate police checkpoint, striking it with six hand grenades.

In addition, the Mujahideen in the city of Afgooye, approximately 50 km from the capital, torched a jeep belonging to the apostate police that burnt all those on board and to Allah is all praise and thanks.

And your brothers of the Youth Mujahideen Movement are on their way, going forth in Jihad against the occupiers and disbelievers so that the word of Allah is the highest and there is no more fitnah on earth and the religion is solely for Allah.

Allah is the greatest! Allah is the greatest! Allah is the greatest!

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