Parliament: Serbia will “respond” to any country that recognises Kosovo

Parliament announced to the international community on Tuesday (July 24th) that Serbia would take measures against any country that recognises an independent Kosovo. Lawmakers adopted a declaration urging the government to “immediately and energetically respond to signs by any international subject which seeks to jeopardise the sovereignty and territorial integrity” of Serbia. Parliament also warned that an independent Kosovo could have “unforeseeable consequences for regional stability”. The resolution was submitted by the government.Addressing lawmakers, Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica vowed that the province would never become independent. He praised the recent withdrawal of a UN Security Council draft resolution as a victory for Serbia and its backer, Russia. The only dissenting voice in parliament was Vladan Batic, whose Liberal Party argues that Kosovo independence is unavoidable. He accused Kostunica of warmongering.

Meanwhile, the six-member Contact Group meets in Vienna on Wednesday to discuss how it will oversee 120 days of new talks between Belgrade and Pristina.

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