Special operation of Mujahideen in Magas

1195.jpgIngush Mujahideen attacked a FSB building and the puppet “administration of the President” in the Ingushetia’s capital Magas last night, Russian sources reported.


20 rounds of anti-tank rockets have been launched on the building. Sub-barreled grenade launcher and automatic weapons were also used in the attack. Reports from the region say that several secret service agents have been eliminated and many injured. One of the wounded is in serious condition. By the morning, as expected, the FSB announced that no one suffered casualties among its “members”.


According to the invaders, one mercenary of Russian Interior Ministry’s “reconnaissance battalion” was eliminated and another one mercenary was wounded.


The heavy fire on the invaders was lasted for about 30 minutes and conducted from the village of Ali-Yurt, Nazran district.


Later on invaders reported that the fire was conducted from a few points. After the raid Mujahideen without incurring any casualties returned to their base.


Lets us remind that on 21 July in Magas Mujahideen were carried out a sabotage operation, in which the so-called president Zyazikov’s motorcade came under fire. The convoy was attacked with automatic rifles and grenade launchers.


As a result of the attack, several armored vehicles were damaged. No information reported on injured or dead. President Zyazikov and his guards managed to escape at high speed.


According to the sources inside the local puppet “Interior Ministry”, Zyazikov ordered to hide the information about this attack.


Meanwhile, Russian kafirs blocked the village of Ali-Yurt on the morning of 28 July. A punitive sweep operations have begun in the village, though long experience of war has taught us that the Mujahideen will never remain in the villages after carrying out combat operations, but prefer to go to their forest and mountain bases.


Let’s recall that in these days high ranking kafirs from Moscow are in Ingushetia, in particular a deputy of “Interior Ministry” of Russia Edelev, who is participating in large-scale military exercises in the occupied territory of Ingushetia.

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