Dozens of Kadyrovans fled to the mountains

1199.jpgAccording to the source inside the Staff of Eastern Front of CRI Armed Forces, in early July up to 40 armed Kadyrovans fled to the mountains to the Mujahideen. According to the source, former Kadyrovans were taken to the special quarantine base in the mountains of Chechnya.


An investigation had begun for each of the fugitives for their involvement in the killing of Muslims and other serious crimes.


Former Kadyrovans says that they decided to go to the Mujahideen after the government of CRI announced an amnesty for those traitors who repent and who is not involved in the killing of civilians and Mujahideen.


Very strong feelings of remorse present in ranks of Munafiqs, especially among young people, former Kadyrovans state. Many are seeking ways to leave.


A source in the Staff of Eastern Front of CRI Armed Forces also reported that a recent fighting near the village Tazen-Kala took place after another group of armed Kadyrovans fled to the Mujahideen.


A gang of Sulim Yamadayev had begun to pursue the fugitives. But in the Tazen-Kala village Yamadayevans got into the ambush of Mujahideen.


According to the KC source, Yamadayev brothers, who are at odds with Kadyrov, had planned to talk about the causes of the fighting near the Tazen-Kala and that the in Vedeno region because of flight of Kadyrovans, the initiative is passed into the hands of the mujahideen. However GRU (Russian Military intelligence) did not allow Yamadayev to do that.


The only thing what Yamadayevans do is the leakage of information on the clashes near Tazen-Kala, which take place in the Vedeno region almost every day.

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