Situation worsens in Dagestan

114.jpgMujahideen eliminated a so-called deputy head of the “Buinaksk department of interior affairs” Lieut. Col. Abdulmashid Rasulov.


The attacked was carried out from a VAZ-2106 vehicle at about 7.50 a.m. Moscow time on Friday in Dagestan’s Buinaksk town. The ringleader was killed on his way to work.


Meanwhile, a gun battle between a mobile squad of Mujahideen and Russian Special Forces took place in Dagestan’s Sergokalinsk district, on Thursday.


“The soldier (commander) and four militants were killed as a result of gun battle,” Russian side reported. No information has been reported from Dagestani side so far.


Friday morning other news reported from Dagestan. At this time a combat in Shamilkala. According to the puppet sources 1 Mujahid was killed and three others were captured in the capital of Dagestan. Puppets did not report about their casualties.


However, Dagestani command did not confirm this information. It is not clear whom the munafiqs have killed and who has been the victim of arbitrary of collaborators.


Doubts raised the fact that the puppets have declared that the capture ones in Dagestan’s capital had allegedly organized the recent explosion in Kizil-Yurt, in which dozens of munafiqs had been eliminated.


Let’s point out in this regard that kafirs and munafiqs actively practiced false arrests and shootings, in which the role of victim played previously abducted Muslims.


So just a few days ago in Chechnya a resident of the village Kantysheva (Ingushetia) Magomed Barkinhoyev was killed, burned and then declared a “militant”. He together with his car was abducted on 27 July and on 1 August showed a footage about an “elimination of militant near the village of Martan-Chu, who was involved in the attack on the OMON from Kalmykia near Mozdok, on July 31”.


New reports come about a tension around the highland village of Gimry, a hometown of the Imam Shamil. This town is still under siege. Endless “ID checking” goes on in the village.


Since the beginning of the week army and the police demanded from the people to leave the village, otherwise they threatened to begin a bombardment. Rural Villagers are very concerned and do not know what to do.


Russian kafirs and munafiqs demand from the residents of Gimry “to hand out all the militants”. Villagers say that there is not any Mujahid in the village.

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