Iran Blasts US for Pursuing Suspicious Security Approaches in Iraq

A01849709.jpgIran, Iraq and the United States started a study of the root causes of insecurities in Iraq in a trilateral expert-level committee meeting in Baghdad on Monday. During the meeting, the Iranian delegation complained about the crystal-clear cases of the United States’ ambiguous, and at time suspicious, approaches in Iraq.

The Iranian delegation also protested at the United States’ ignorance and supports for certain Iraqi elements with long, criminal backgrounds in that country and criticized Washington for keeping silent over terrorists’ operations in certain Iraqi regions.

The Iranian side further presented an expert analysis of the weak points of the United States’ political-security plans in Iraq, and reminded the US delegation that the necessitated change of approach and policy making by the US is the only way to end the present crisis.

“Attention to sociological factors, impacts and aftermaths of occupation, serious plans for transferring Iraq’s full sovereignty to the Iraqi government and bodies and the way to confront the remaining elements of the former Iraqi Ba’thist regime to prevent formation of terrorist cells constitute the strategic factors of a promising prospect for the restoration of security and stability in Iraq,” the Iranian delegation underscored.

The Iranian delegation also stressed Tehran’s resolve to support and assist Nuri al-Maliki’s administration in establishing security and stability in that country.

The US delegation, for its part, described the present conditions in Iraq as truly cumbersome, and demanded Iran’s help and assistance to explore possible ways to end the current crisis.

The trilateral committee formed of representatives of Iran, US and Iraq started its meeting in Baghdad Monday morning.

The committee is comprised of deputy head of the Iranian delegation Amir Abdollahian and his US counterpart as well as Iraqi deputy interior minister, deputy foreign minister, security advisor of Iraq’s ministry of defense and political advisor to prime minister.

The committee continues the security issues discussed earlier by the Iranian and US ambassadors to Baghdad.

The two arch foes Tehran and Washington, which cut diplomatic ties shortly after Iran’s 1979 Islamic revolution, held two rounds of talks in Baghdad in May and July to find ways to improve security in Iraq.

In the second round of talks, held on July 24 in Baghdad, representatives from the US, Iran and Iraq agreed to establish a trilateral committee to investigate issues such as support for militias and Al-Qaeda in Iraq.

The first round of talks between Tehran and Washington on May 28, which melted the icy relations of the two states after 28 years, was held at ambassadorial level, where Iran’s Hassan Kazemi Qomi and United States’ Ryan Crocker discussed Iraq’s issues, specially the underlying causes of current insecurities in that country.

During the meeting which was held at the home of Iraq’s Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, the Iranian and US delegations did not discuss any bilateral issues and focused merely on Iraq’s problems.

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