Iran Has Good Projects for Welfare of Iraqi People

A02859901.jpgIran’s first Vice-President Parviz Davoudi said his country favors an advanced and stable Iraq, adding that Tehran has devised proper projects for the development and welfare of the Iraqi people. Speaking to reporters during a joint press conference with Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki here in Tehran on Thursday, Davoudi said that Iraqi people and government are of much importance to Tehran, and reiterated that expansion of ties with Iraq sets a top priority for the Islamic Republic.

He pointed out that the visit to Tehran by Iraqi prime minister was aimed at a further deepening of brotherly ties between the two countries, and said, “We favor an independent, secure, stable and advanced Iraq.”

The official also mentioned that Tehran believes withdrawal of occupying troops from Iraq would cause establishment of security and stability in Iraq.

He further said that during his meeting with the Iraqi delegation, the two sides have reviewed bilateral issues, and discussed acceleration of the agreements already signed by Tehran and Baghdad.

Davoudi said that Iran has devised good projects for the welfare of the Iraqi people, including transfer of oil to Iraq, reconstruction of the power networks in Karbala and Najaf, adding that the power projects are now in the final stages.

He also said that the two countries are about to sign an agreement for supplying fuel to the Iraqi people by Iran.

The vice-president added that during the meetings, the Iranian side has voiced its readiness to construct an oil refinery in the Iraqi city of Karbala, and stressed that both countries are eager to bolster activities and cooperation of their private sectors and boost the two countries’ trade exchanges.

Davoodi said that Iran wanted a “secure and stable” Iraq and believed that Iraq’s security was “Iran’s security as well.”

But Davoodi warned this depended on a withdrawal of US forces. “It is our belief that the exit of the occupying forces would provide security and stability in Iraq.”

“Bringing about security and calm in Iraq is dependent on two factors, the exit of the occupiers and their non-interference in Iraq and also the power of the government of Mr. Maliki,” he added.

Davoudi said that both Iran and Iraq condemn terrorism in all forms and aspects during the two sides meetings in Tehran.

He also underlined Iran’s continued efforts to enhance Tehran-Baghdad security and economic cooperation, and expressed hope that Iraqi people and government would experience full security, welfare and tranquility.

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