Fars to Dispatch a Senior Provincial Delegation to Africa

A01113074.jpgA high-ranking political and trade delegation from the central province of Fars is scheduled to leave Iran on Wednesday on a tri-nation tour of Africa, Fars governor general said. Speaking to reporters in the provincial capital city of Shiraz on Sunday, Seyed Mohammad Reza Rezazadeh said the delegation comprises 23 governmental and private sector managers and directors, 15 traders, 5 provincial officials and 3 bank managers.

He further reiterated the significance of the visit, saying that the delegation is also accompanied by the deputy commerce minister for promotion of foreign trade, managing director of the exports promotion bank, chairman of Iran’s chamber of commerce and managing director of Iran’s Export Promotion Fund.

Rezazadeh said the measure follows a recent government approval requiring Fars province to expand ties with African states in grounds of trade exchanges.

“During the 10-day visit, the delegation is due to inaugurate Iran’s exclusive fair in Uganda and then attend trade talks with officials of Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya,” he added.

The governor general also mentioned that the trip is aimed at a study of the possible grounds for Iran’s cooperation with the said three countries, specification of solutions to promote trade exchanges, identification of services and technical needs of Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya and increase of technical and engineering services to the three African nations, a review of the proper cooperation grounds for a more effective presence of Iranian private sector in the markets of the said countries and the last but not the least, a study of the possible ways of direct commercial and trade exchanges between the Islamic Republic of Iran and Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya.

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