Iran Arrests 2 Chinese for Military Photos

A02603099.jpgTwo Chinese nationals have been arrested on charges of taking photographs from a military site in the city of Arak in central Iran, Judiciary Spokesman Alireza Jamshidi said. Speaking to reporters during a press conference here on Wednesday, Jamshidi added that further investigations into the case are underway.

Elsewhere, he pointed to the abduction of the two Belgian tourists in Iran’s southeastern province of Kerman on Sunday, saying that one of the hostages has been freed while efforts continue for the release of the second hostage.

The Belgian couple Carla and Estefan were abducted by bandits on Sunday while traveling by a private car in an area called Fahrouj between the city of Bam in Kerman province and the city of Zahedan in the southeaster province of Sistan and Balouchestan.

So far police troops have succeeded in releasing Clara, who is reportedly in good health conditions.

The two have been kidnapped by Esmayeel Shah-Bakhsh, one of the well-known bandits in the region of Bam. Esmayeel Shah-Bakhsh has already martyred several Iranian police troops, including commander Brigadier General Abdollah Dashti, and has caused many insecurities in the southeastern provinces of Kerman and Sistan and Balouchestan.

Asked about the latest conditions of the case with Haleh Esfandyari and Kian Tajbakhsh, the spokesman said that the court has wrapped up its preliminary investigations into the case of the said individuals, adding that the trial of the two would start in the near future.

“The decision to condemn or free the accused will depend on the judge,” he added.

The judiciary spokesman also confirmed the detention of three journalists on charges of releasing baseless news and reports against the Islamic Republic and transferring sensitive information to foreign sites, adding that investigations into the case of these three are continued.

Regarding the case of Hossein-pour and Boutimar, he said the two are charged with military confrontation with the Islamic Republic and harming national security.

Jamshidi also mentioned that governmental forces have found 57 RPG propellers, 50 bullets and several light arms from the house of one the said two convicts, adding that Hossein-pour and Boutimar have illegally crossed borders several times and cooperated with armed opposition groups.

He said that the two have been sentenced to death by the court and that they or their lawyers have a 20-day deadline to file an appeal.

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