Iran to Boost Soft Power via Ambassadors

Haddad-Adel: Ambassadors should represent religious values. Parliament Speaker Gholam-Ali Haddad-Adel said on Thursday that Iranian ambassadors are expected represent the religious and Islamic values in the host countries.
While addressing ambassadors and heads of Iran’s representative offices abroad, Haddad Adel said that people inside and outside the Islamic country expect an ambassador to be the symbol of religious and Islamic identity with sufficient knowledge about the lofty aspirations of the nation and the religion.
He offered recommendations to them for better performance of their diplomatic mission saying that a successful foreign policy should focus on cultural activities, adding cultures and languages of nations are interrelated, and different nations do not need interpretation for cultural understanding.
“One of duties of Iranian ambassadors is that they should help foreign nations get acquainted with the real face of Iran and get a positive sense toward the Islamic Republic of Iran,” he added.
The speaker also noted that the the Islamic Revolution of Iran appreciates reality and envisages prosperous future, which is in line with the current circumstances and situation of the world.
Pointing to the achievements of the seventh Majlis on foreign policy, he said that it has so far supported the government in various international and political affairs including Iran’s peaceful nuclear program.
Haddad Adel further cited the efforts of the Majlis to form the Asian Parliaments Association, supporting Palestinian oppressed people and holding an international conference to this goal and setting up a working group to consult on Israeli invasion of Lebanon in July-August 2006.
During the term of the seventh Majlis, some 69 parliamentary delegations have been dispatched to various countries, he noted, adding it also hosted 46 foreign parliamentary delegations in Tehran.

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