Iran Feels Proud to Confront Oppressors

A024709834.jpgWe feel proud of our confrontation with world oppressors and support for the oppressed, Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei said. Addressing the Iranian foreign ministry officials and diplomatic corps abroad here on Tuesday, the leader viewed attainment of national interests as the main goal and duty of Iranian foreign ministry, and called on the ministry forces to plan and act on the basis of the country’s national interests, which he defined as the materialization of the long-term goals of the Islamic Revolution and the mid-term goals of the country’s 20-year envision plan.

He further described principles of the Islamic Revolution and national interests and identity as inseparable, and said that the Islamic Revolution took place to materialize the political, economic, social and cultural programs of Islam.

The leader said that in the international arena, the Islamic Revolution, relying on the Islamic teachings, pursues global peace and security and welfare of all nations and rejects the oppressive system of hegemony.

“And that’s why the world system of hegemony is essentially in challenge with the Islamic system,” he added, reminding that the aforesaid is a reality which should always be remembered.

Saying that hegemonic powers victimize certain countries to attain their interests, the leader, underlined, “We do not at all accept the behavior and attitude of the system of hegemony. We are not seeking hegemony over other countries, of course, but we do not accept hegemony of others over us either. We believe confrontation with the global attitude of the system of hegemony and ending the ‘dominator-dominated’ formula is the particular of our diplomacy.”

Elsewhere, the leader noted Iran’s progress in nuclear technology, and said, “All influential states strove to keep Iran away even from the borders of their monopoly over nuclear technology, but despite all sanctions, the Iranian nation owns this branch of hi-tech at present and no power can take it away from us in any possible form or way.”

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