Japanese Companies Keen to Invest in Iran

A024709826.jpgThird secretary of Japanese embassy in Tehran voiced deep enthusiasm of his country’s companies to make investments in Iran, saying that Tokyo seeks to expand ties with Tehran.Speaking to FNA’s political editor on the sidelines of his tour of Fars News Agency here on Sunday, the envoy identified himself as an advocate of Iranian president, and praised Ahmadinejad for his efforts and courage to bring wide-scale changes to the governmental structure in Iran, including the changing of the chairman of Iran’s chamber of commerce Ali Naghi Khamoushi after 27 years.

He further stated that despite negative propaganda, Ahmadinejad’s popularity has grown among Iranians, and said he believed that Ahmadinejad would be elected by the Iranians for a second term.

Elsewhere, the envoy expressed surprise at the recent resignation of Iranian oil minister Kazem Vaziri Hamaneh, saying, “We didn’t expect him to resign.”

He also expressed regret that his country withdrew its participation in the development of Iran’s Azadegan oil field.

Asked why Tokyo follows the US in its policies on Iran, he said, “We do not place Iran on one side and the US on the other side, rather we attach significance to the interests of Japan.”

“We seek establishment of new relations with Iran,” the diplomat continued.

He also reiterated that Japanese companies are fully interested in making investment in Iran, and underlined that his government is willing to expand ties with Tehran.

The third secretary of the Japanese embassy in Iran also stressed Tehran’s right to access and use civilian nuclear technology for peaceful purposes

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