Psychic Takes 500 Hostage in Tehran University

A024709831.jpgA masked man took hostage 500 people attending an academic meeting in the Convention Hall of Tehran University here Tuesday morningWitnesses said that the man who carried a Kalashnikov rifle merely intended to inform the audience of his personal problems. Eye-witnesses also said that the man intended to show some CDs and documents to the hostages.

According to the reports the hostage-taker used to be a member of the Iranian police and was upset with the way he had been treated by his former department.

Following the attack, the anti-riot squads and snipers of the Law Enforcement police rushed to the scene, but before they started operations, the man surrendered himself to the officials.

The documents and CDs the man was carrying indicated that he had severe psychological problems.

Meantime, unofficial reports said that the same man took 23 students hostage at a Tehran school last year, but has apparently been released after it was proved that he had psychological problems

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