Iran’s Armed Forces to Give Crushing Response to Enemy

A00954308.jpgFollowing the Untied States’ recent efforts to label the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps as a terrorist group, Iran’s Law Enforcement Police released a statement here on Friday to warn that the Islamic Republic’s armed forces would give a crushing response to the enemy. The statement pointed to the lustrous background of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps ever since the victory of the Islamic Revolution, specially during the 8 years of the Iraqi imposed war on Iran, and the martyrs that it has dedicated to safeguard the country and the Islamic Revolution, and described IRGC as a source of fear for the enemies and a source of pride, support and confidence for the Iranian nation and the Islamic Ummah (nation).

“Considering its radiant background and successful and powerful maneuvers and war games in recent years and taking into account the strong stances it has adopted against the expansionism of the world arrogance, led by the US, it is not surprising that IRGC is subjected to the hostility and animosity of the Satan,” it said.

“The recent measures adopted by the White House leaders to place IRGC in the list of terrorist organizations show the passiveness and weakness of the US in the face of the Islamic Republic ruling system and its armed forces,” the statement said, mentioning that the move is aimed at projecting … the domestic problems of the US ruling party caused by its failures on the international scene in recent years, particularly in Iraq, Afghanistan and Lebanon and (in implementing) the Greater Middle-East Plan.

The statement also pointed out that Washington’s efforts to blacklist the IRGC are so illogical and worthless that even the US allies in Europe have rejected the measure.

It further reminded that Washington is killing people and violating all laws in the name of democracy, and noted the United States’ terrorist measures, coup de tat, aggression, occupation of other countries, covert operations to kidnap and torture opponents in its secret jails in other countries and exercise of repeated regime change plans in Iran, Chili, Granada, Sudan, Ethiopia, Somalia, Panama, Latin America and Central Asia as well as its strong support for the terrorist regime of the Zionists which has placed shedding the blood of the innocent Palestinian citizens at the top of its agenda.

The statement said that a minority of arrogant rulers are doing every crime and oppression in the world and even inside the US, and reminded that due to the same reason the White House residents are the most hated rulers in the world, adding that the US administration has made the name of the United States of America synonymous with oppression, aggression, massacre, murder and occupation.

It further condemned the US efforts to undermine the national and Islamic dignity and status of the IRGC, and underlined, “There is no doubt that the Islamic Republic and Islamic Revolution have inseparable bonds with the IRGC and that all the armed forces of the Islamic Republic under the command of the Supreme Leader (Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei) …will give such a crushing response to the plots of the malicious and ill intentioned enemies that will make them regret their action.”

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