Maliki’s Administration Stabilized More than Ever

A03264555.jpgPolitical advisor to the former Iraqi prime minister said plots to overthrow Nuri al-Maliki’s government are doomed to failure as the Iraqi administration is now enjoying stability more than ever. “Considering the quadrilateral coalition, toppling the government through the parliament is not possible either,” Javad Taleb told FNA here on Monday.

He further pointed to the recent moves by the al-Tawafoq Front and the current measures of Ayad Allawi as introductory steps of a US plan to overthrow Maliki’s government.

The advisor to former Iraqi Prime Minister Ibrahim Jafari said that the recent agreement among the four Shiite and Kurd groups prevented the overthrow of Maliki’s administration through parliamentary efforts, but meantime, added that the problem has not been solved yet.

He viewed the said coalition as incomplete, saying that it could experience more success in its measures and position-takings if it also included the Sadr movement, the independents and parties like Fazilat.

“Iraq is in need of a comprehensive agreement and a stable government should be able to charm a wide range (of groups and parties),” he said, reminding that the coalition has failed in gaining the companionship of the Sadr movement with 30 seats at the parliament, the independents with 30 seats and the Fazilat party with 15 seats.

“And because they were ignored by the government, they (Sadris, independents and Fazilat members) were obliged to form another fraction at the parliament,” he added.

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