Osnabruck Philharmonic Orchestra to Perform in Tehran

A03264552.jpgFor the first time during the past 28 years, Osnabruck Philharmonic Orchestra will hold a concert on 29and 30th of August in Tehran. Today, Osnabruck Philharmonic Orchestra will enter Tehran to perform two concerts on 29 and 30th of August in Vahdat and Aseman concert halls. This is the first time after 1979 Islamic revolution in Iran that a West European Philharmonic Orchestra will give a concert in Iran.

Based on earlier programs, Shahram Nazeri, Iranian famous traditional vocalist, was supposed to cooperate with Osnabruck Orchestra by singing verses of Rumi, Persian mystic poet. However, following the recent changes in leadership of Tehran’s Symphonic Orchestra, and afterward changes in programs of this orchestra, holding joint performance was canceled and Osnabruck Philharmonic Orchestra is due to perform the concert by itself.

Michael Dreyer, the 37-year-old German founder and executive director of Morgenland Festival Osnabruck, Herman Broimer, conductor of Osnabruck Orchestra accompanied a 60-member troupe will perform in Tehran by the invitation of the Music and Poetry Department of Iran’s Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance. A training workshop will also be held concurrent with the event.

The Leonore Overture no. 3, which is one of the four overtures written by Beethoven for his only opera, concerto for cello and orchestra in E minor of Sir Edward Elgar, the British romantic composer, which is one of the most widely performed pieces for the cello, symphony no. 4 of Johannes Brahms, the 19th century German composer, will be performed during by Osnabruck Philharmonic Orchestra in Tehran. 6 Iranian and 63 German musicians will cooperate with the orchestra.

In only two years, the Morgenland Festival Osnabruck has ascended to the first league of international music festivals. It features the music from the Orient, from traditional music to the avant-garde.

A sensation in cultural policy as well as top-notch music and dance from the Middle East are featured in the program of the Morgenland Festival Osnabruck. Last year’s performance of Tehran’s Symphony Orchestra Concert in Osnabruck attracted attention of the cultural and artistic associations of all European countries.

According to Morgelan Festival Osnabuck, this cultural exchange could contribute to an easing of the tension between Iran and the West. Frank-Walter Steinmeier, German’s Foreign Minister, and star conductor Daniel Barenboim are among those who are trying to promote the cultural interactions between the two countries.

Besides the two guest performances in Iran, the renowned Osnabruck’s festival of “City of Peace” which has already been started from 19th of August and will continue to 2nd of September will feature numerous other highlights including: the only ballet ensemble in the Arab world, and the Cairo Opera Ballet Company. Steinmeier will oversee the festival.

According to Neue Osnabrucker Zeitung, the Morgenland Festival can not bring about peace. However, Dreyer is hoping for “many little campaigns” that carry the idea of cultural exchange.

He has already established contact with a big exchange project. After last year’s Tehran Symphony Orchestra’s guest performance, Daniel Barenboim expressed interest in the Iranian musicians. From now on, three Iranian musicians are to play in his West-Eastern Divan Orchestra each year.

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