Iraqi Envoy: Alawi Seeks to Topple Iraqi Gov’t

Former Iraqi Prime Minister Ayad Alawi is striving to overthrow Nuri al-Maliki, a Supreme Islamic Iraqi Council official said on Tuesday.

Speaking to FNA, representative of SIIC to Tehran Majed Ghammas pointed to the efforts made by Iraq’s certain Arab neighbors to portray an inefficient government of Nuri al-Maliki’s cabinet in a bid to topple his administration, and said, “These efforts show that they do not accept and tolerate the existing political process in Iraq.”

The SIIC official further stressed that his country seeks good relations with the neighboring states, and added, “The national reconciliation plan is still underway and there are now many sessions for finding a solution to this political crisis through cooperation with the al-Tawafoq Front.”

Elsewhere, he noted improved security conditions in Iraq, and said that the existing reports and documents confirm improvement of security conditions in comparison with what existed in Iraq before.

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