Iranian Envoy Warns against Deployment of Foreign Forces in Region

A02207017.jpgIran’s ambassador designate to Bahrain has warned against the presence of non-Persian Gulf armies in the region, saying that they were destabilizing it. “The region is currently in a very sensitive and fragile situation due to the massive presence of foreign forces … The arrogant powers intend to gain dominance over the region’s security, energy resources and markets,” Hussein Amir Abdollahian said on Tuesday.

Iran “maintains that regional security should be established with the help of all countries in the region,” the ambassador said in a statement.

Iran has repeatedly called upon the Americans and the British forces to leave Iraq and the region, arguing that their presence “complicated the situation and caused more insecurity.”

For Abdollahian, regional security can be achieved only through “awareness, solidarity and interaction among regional countries.”

He said that he was looking forward to his posting in Manama to tap into the potential of closer relations and broader cooperation.

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