Iran: Bush’s Remarks Lack Rationality

A01750151.jpgIranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki described the recent statements made by US President George W. Bush about Iran as irrational, and said the remarks indicated his lack of rationality and decision-making power as well as political paralysis. Mottaki said such statements are not credited by the world public opinion, the US House representatives and Congressmen or even the American people, reminding that Bush’s remarks did not convey any new point.

He further pointed to the goals pursued by the US president in practicing such baseless and redundant scenarios, and said Bush seeks to use violence and militarism to win upcoming elections for his party, “while the people of that country gave a negative vote to this approach in the last year (legislative) elections.”

“Allocation of $50 bln, which comes out of the pocket of the American taxpayers, to the intensification of violence in Iraq and escalation of arms race in the region will not rescue a region which has been entangled with instability, violence and hatred due to the wrong policies of Mr. Bush,” the Iranian foreign minister added.

He further reiterated the wrong and hasty policies of the US which, he said, are adopted by a minority of warmongering individuals in Washington, and pointed to the Tuesday arrest of a number of Iranians in Baghdad as among the same wrong measures that even the US officials have confessed to its incorrectness.

Mottaki said that such incorrect policies and approaches will bear no fruit but creating tension and incurring more costs and losses on the American nation, adding that such an approach will neither restore security and stability in the region nor end the increasing problems of the US officials and the American people who are exhausted with war.

“Putting an end to security and militaristic approach, paying attention to the root causes of the crisis in Iraq and the Middle-East, obeying collective wisdom, transferring regional affairs to the real owners (of the region) and showing respect for the public vote and justice and populism-based processes set the only way to end the vicious circle of the US statesmen’s mistakes,” the Iranian foreign minister underlined.

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