Iran, Pakistan Expand Security Ties

A03075597.jpgBilateral security relations between Iran and Pakistan have now become a cornerstone in the two countries’ ties, an Iranian official said. Speaking in a meeting with the border guard commander of Pakistan’s state of Balouchestan on Tuesday, governor general of Iran’s Sistan and Balouchestan province noted the two countries’ cultural, religious, political and economic commonalities, and reminded that Iran’s humanitarian aids to Pakistani people during the recent flood incident in that country indicated Tehran’s willingness to further expand ties with its Muslim and friendly neighbor.

Habibollah Dehmardeh also appreciated Pakistan’s political and security officials for releasing Iranian hostages abducted by a number of bandits last month, and called for the rapid extradition of hostage-takers to Iran.

For his part, the Pakistani commander described his talks with Iranian security officials as positive, and assured that armed bandits could no more use his country for harming citizens of Iran’s Sistan and Balouchestan province, considering the consolidated political and security relations between the two neighboring states and continued meetings between the two sides’ security and law enforcement commanders and officials.

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