Iran’s Growing Power Main Cause of Threats to Islamic Republic

A00150946.jpgIran’s Interior Minister Mostafa Pour-Mohammadi described his country’s growing power as the main reason underlying increasing threats against the Islamic Republic. Addressing a meeting of the elites in the central city of Qom on Thursday, Pour-Mohammadi further pointed to Iran’s growing influence in the region and world, and reminded that despite the efforts made by occupiers of Iraq, those who are friends of the Islamic Republic have eventually ascended to power.

He said that the same development in Iraq has increased West’s concerns about Iran.

He also noted the recent threats to the Islamic Republic by the United States, and said, “These threats are serious, but we should first see whether the US is capable enough to put these threats into practice.”

The minister also warned, “Anyway, they may be the initiator of some (belligerent) moves, but they should know that if they do so, the fate and end of such moves will not remain in their hands.”

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