Bush Administration Source of Disrepute for Americans

A00078585.jpgIranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki here Tuesday described the US administration as a great source of disrepute for the American nation. Mottaki noted the US invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan and its so-called pro-democracy plans for Palestine and Lebanon, and said, “They have been defeated in practicing their policies and plans. Today, the US politicians, elites and a majority of their congressmen and house representatives agree that the Iraq policy of the White House has come to failure.”

“No government has ever been as much a source of disrepute for the American nation as the Bush administration is,” he said.

Elsewhere, he viewed Iran’s nuclear drive as peaceful, and stressed Tehran’s support for logical dialogues and interactions, adding that the Islamic Republic seeks global peace and justice and cordial ties with all the world countries.

Mottaki said while polls show that the US statesmen are the most hated figures among regional people, Iran is now claiming to be a significant actor in the international arena.

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