Caretaker of Iranian Industries Ministry Leaves for Syria

A000785811.jpgCaretaker of Iran’s Ministry of Industries and Mines Ali Akbar Mehrabian left Tehran for Damascus on Tuesday to attend talks with Syrian officials and visit Iran’s industrial projects in that country. Prior to his departure from Tehran, Mehrabian noted the two countries’ developing ties in grounds of industries, and said that consolidation and deepening of Iran-Syria political and economic relations have boosted the two countries’ industrial cooperation.

He further described auto-manufacturing as among the significant ways of developing economic and industrial relations between the two countries, and said that Tehran and Damascus have envisaged different plans for manufacturing Iranian cars in Syria.

“One of such plans pertains to the establishment of an auto-manufacturing complex with 40 spare-parts manufacturing units right beside Siamco auto-manufacturing company,” Mehrabian said, adding that the plan aims to promote Syria’s assembly lines to an auto-manufacturing industry.

He also said that during his visit to Damascus he would discuss establishment of a factory in Syria to manufacture Iranian buses.

Elsewhere, the official expressed the hope that the seventh meeting of the two countries’ industry and mine committee would achieve proper agreements about the industrial cooperation of the two states in the next 5 years.

He described the progress of Iran’s industrial projects in Syria as eye-catching in the last two years, and said the two sides’ industrial exchanges and interactions have increased in the said period, adding that forecasts promise the same growing trend of exchanges for future.

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