Presidential Nominee Demands Strong Ties between Iran, Lebanese Groups

A Lebanese presidential candidate called for consolidated ties between Iran and all political groups of his country. Speaking to FNA in Beirut on Monday, presidential nominee and member of the majority fraction in the Lebanese parliament Petros Harb noted Iran’s role and standing in Lebanon and region, and praised Tehran’s extensive aids and assistance with his country’s resistance movement.

“We demand that Iran have relations with all the Lebanese groups and not just the Shiites,” he said, adding, “It should be proved to everyone that Iran’s ties with Hezbollah are restricted to merely religious relations.”

The presidential hopeful further described his relations with the Lebanese Hezbollah as good, and said that he has cordial ties with several Hezbollah representatives.

Harb also voiced support for the recent plan introduced by Lebanese Parliament Speaker and well-known opposition leader Nabih Berri for the upcoming presidential elections in that country, and described it as a good initiative.

He further called on the advocates of the 14th of March movement to provide a response for Berri’s plan.

The Lebanese parliament speaker recently announced that he would give up his quest for the formation of a national unity government if rival parties come to an agreement with the opposition about the selection and nomination of a presidential candidate.

Lebanese parliament will convene on September 25th to elect the country’s new president.

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