Speaker: IRGC Symbol of Islamic Republic’s Power, Glory

The Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps is the most outstanding symbol of the Islamic Republic’s power and glory, said Iranian Parliament Speaker Gholam Ali Haddad Adel highlighting the role and status of the IRGC in Iran. Addressing senior officials of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps here on Monday, Haddad Adel said, “In his meeting with the commanders of the Corps, the Supreme Leader also underlined that the Guards Corps is, in fact, the symbol of our country’s power.”

He further pointed to the United States’ recent efforts to label the IRGC as a terrorist group, and said the antagonistic moves made by the US media indicate Washington’s fear from the promotion of IRGC’s ideology and notions.

“The United States fears that the world may pick up Iran and its notion of (holy) defense as its paradigm, and their disrespect for the IRGC is a result of their fears of the promotion of the IRGC’s ideology and notions,” the speaker said.

Elsewhere, he pointed out that Iranians’ massive turnout in elections would disappoint enemies, saying, “Enemies are sensitive about people’s presence in political scenes, particularly elections.”

Haddad Adel continued, “When 24 hours prior to the elections, the US President asks the Iranian nation not to take part in the voting, it is revealed that people’s massive turnout disappoints the US officials.”

He said Iranians have now realized that the true intention of the US officials is exerting increased pressure on Iran under the pretext of the lack of democracy in the Islamic Republic.

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