FM: Evil Intensions Unveiled by Iran’s N. Stance

A00219804.jpgIran’s rational policy in the nuclear issue has revealed the “evil” intensions of the United States and its allies, Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki said here on Tuesday. “We make suggestions about confronting nuclear weapons in the United Nations, whereas certain countries who claim to be opposing Iran in the nuclear issue are against” these suggestions, Mottaki said in a meeting with some active figures in the private sector, Tehran Times reported.

Mottaki stated that Iran never seeks nuclear weapons, adding nuclear bomb does not bring security in the modern world.

Although Iran is located in the middle of many crises in the region, it has never had a hostile approach to any of its neighbors, the foreign minister noted.

He added that the Islamic Republic has been caught in an atmosphere which is “polluted with hegemony and unilateralism.”

Iran’s pursuit of nuclear energy is not a “theatrical show” and it really wants nuclear fuel to generate electricity, he insisted.

He also said, “We do not accept ElBaradei’s timeout plan.”

International Atomic Energy Agency Director General Mohamed ElBaradei has proposed a “time-out” plan in which UN sanctions against Iran will be suspended and in return the country will suspend uranium enrichment.

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