Syria Dismisses Israel’s Allegations about Recent Intrusion

A00219801.jpgA Syrian source in Damascus on Wednesday ruled out the recent allegations made by Israeli media about the military objectives of the recent violation of the Syrian airspace by Israeli fighter planes. Zionist media claimed that Israeli fighters intruded into Syria to target a truck carrying weapons to Lebanon.

“Tel Aviv has made this baseless, unworthy and disgusting allegation to advance its goals,” the Syrian source, who asked to remain anonymous, told FNA.

He said such allegations are made to deviate the public opinion from the real targets of such belligerent and dangerous operations, adding that Israel makes such claims in a bid to hit Iran or cause differences in Lebanon.

“The details of the Israeli aggression, including the fact that the Israeli planes were forced by the Syrian aerial defense to drop their fuel tanks and reserves and run away, prove the baseless and unworthy nature of such allegations,” the source added.

“If such allegations are true, how come Israel suffices to such unofficial reports and does not announce the reality and the goals of its dangerous intrusion in an official statement,” he reiterated.

“Where was the alleged truck coming from and where was it going? Why has the aggression happened in the northern parts of Syria and in the vicinity of our shared borders with Turkey?”

The source also dismissed the recent statements made by the US officials that the Israeli aggression served as a message to warn Syria about its support for the Lebanese Hezbollah, and said that the remarks sought the same goals pursued by the Tel Aviv officials.

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