Iran Dismisses UNSC Sanctions as Inefficient

Iran said that issuance of any fresh UN Security Council Resolutions would not influence its legal nuclear activities, reminding that its case should no more be decided by the UNSC member states as it is now verified by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).“We believe that taking the case out of the circuit of law is not in the interest of the world bodies,” Iranian Government Spokesman Gholam Hossein Elham told reporters during his weekly press briefing here on Wednesday.

“Legally speaking, this measure is not defendable and would discredit the international bodies,” he continued.

Elham described Iran’s nuclear trend as lawful and supported by the world circles and public opinion, adding, “Our nation’s determination is firm and no resolution would influence it.”

He also said that the US efforts to pass a new resolution against Iran at the UN Security Council indicates Washington’s paralyzed and feeble conditions, and viewed such efforts as futile, reiterating that resolutions would not leave any impact on Iran’s nuclear trend.

Elsewhere, the spokesman pointed to the measures adopted by the US Senate to prevent European companies from cooperating with Iran, and said, “That Americans consider themselves as masters of Europe is an insult to the European nation and a humiliation for the entire mankind.”

He said such measures violate independence and honor of nations and states, and called on the US to give up such bullying acts and policies, “Because such measures can pressure the Iranian nation in no way.”

“The Iranian nation has shown that it is not dependant on any actor or any place and it has proved that the more pressures are exerted, the more resolute it becomes and the more progress it makes. Thus, they’d better adopt politer and wiser policies and attitudes,” Elham added.

Asked to comment on the recent remarks by French officials, the spokesman said the hostile words of the French president and foreign minister served media goals.

“We advise the French to speak their own words and stop repeating the words of others because others intend to reflect their words through the French government in a bid to keep their face…but this is not expedient for the French and would damage the credit of the French people,” he said.

Meantime, Elham said, “Such words are not serious and indicate the amateur status of the French politicians.”

He said similar stances might also be adopted by the French politicians in future until they give up their amateur status and become professionals.

“We hope that they grow professional as soon as possible in order that they won’t lose opportunities,” the government spokesman continued.

Asked if Iran would embark on closing the strategic Hormoz Strait in case of war with the West, he said Iran always strives to prevent wars as it believes that wars are harmful and inflict damages on all parties.

“But if (war) conditions are imposed on our country, we will make use of all our defense potentials and capabilities,” the spokesman underlined.

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