Shiite Leader Calls for Practical Measures to Solve Lebanese Crisis

A029428211.jpgLebanese Shiite Leader Allamah Muhammad Hussein Fadhlallah called for actual and practical solutions to his country’s current crisis. The Lebanese leader made the remarks in a meeting with Iran’s ambassador to Beirut Mohammad Reza Sheybani on Thursday, where the two sides discussed present conditions in Lebanon and region, Iran-Egypt relations and the recent threats posed to Iran by the US and certain European countries.

In the meeting, Fadhlallah called on all political groups of his country to take responsibility for creating and presenting real and practical solutions to the present crisis in Lebanon, specially following the recent assassination of the MP, Antwan Ghanem, which Fadhlallah described as a criminal action.

Also noting the recent positive developments in Iran-Egypt relations, the Lebanese religious leader expressed the hope that Tehran-Cairo enhanced ties would help solution of the existing complexities in the region, specially the complicated problems of the Islamic countries.

Fadhlallah also referred to the West’s pressures on Iran, and took the US and Israel responsible for the hostile measures adopted against Iran’s nuclear progress.

“What is going on against Iran is the result of pressures exerted by the US and Israel,” he said.

Fadhlallah also pointed out that the US and Israel had hatched a plot to pave the way for the imposition of a new round of sanctions against Tehran, “but the International Atomic Energy Agency’s emphasis on the non-diversion of Iran’s nuclear programs surprised them (the US and Israel).”

He also mentioned that Europeans’ obedience to the US administration causes many problems for the region and for the Europeans themselves, and warned that not just the Middle-East region, but the whole world should pay the price for such a wrong obedience.

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