Ahmadinejad: Iranians Insistent on Attaining National Interests

A03345822.jpgIranians are a peaceful nation, but they may not give up even an iota of their national interests, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said in New York on Sunday. Addressing a large group of Iranian expatriates residing in the US, the president said that Iran’s train of progress is on the move, and added, “We have gained giant achievements in all the different fields of science and hi-tech, while we are having an economic revolution in the form of Article 44 of the Constitution.”

He further pointed to the deep enthusiasm of capital holders for making investments in Iran, and said the number of applicants for investment in Iran is on the increase, “in such a way that the number of those who have applied during the last 6 months for investment in Iran equals the number of the applicants in the whole last year while a comparison between the last year and the year before that shows that the number has also grown four times more.”

Regarding Iran’s civilian nuclear program, Ahmadinejad said Iranian scientists could reach the heights of nuclear technology without an iota of foreign aid and while the country was under different sanctions.

He dismissed allegations that Iran is seeking to produce nuclear bombs, and said, “They say that Iran is after atomic bombs, but it is a lie and they themselves know that they are lying. The report of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) also shows that Iran has had no diversion (from peaceful to non-peaceful purposes) and that Iran has had the most cooperation with the Agency.”

“We are obedient to the law and merely seek to use nuclear energy for peaceful purposes and utilize this energy at the service of our country’s development,” the president continued.

He said West seeks to monopolize wealth, science and technology, “they imagine that they are the master of the world and believe that others have no right to acquire science and make progress.”

“They want us to give up (uranium) enrichment in a bid to sell nuclear fuel in drops and after frequent threats of sanction and at astronomical prices.”

Ahmadinejad described those countries which seek to obtain atomic bombs as “the reactionaries of the world”, and stressed, “If atomic bomb was useful under the present world conditions, it should have prevented the downfall of the Soviet Union,” he said, adding, “Could atomic bombs rescue those who have entered Iraq from the quagmire of that country?”

The president said the West is well informed of the fact that nuclear bombs are of no use, “but they still produce the third and fourth generations of such weapons while they can feed millions of hungry people of their country by the money they spend on manufacturing these bombs.”

“The Iranian nation does not need atomic bombs,” he underscored, reminding that the West is striving to impede Iran’s nuclear progress, “because they know if this notion is promulgated in the world that the great Iranian nation has reached the peaks of nuclear energy despite all pressures and sanctions, then the lustrous history of the Iranian nation will revive and Iran will set an example and turn into symbol for all countries and this makes them worried.”

Meantime, Ahmadinejad pointed out that the world should know that no one can do any harm to the Iranian nation.

He also noted the rules and regulations of the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), and said, “The world should know that the Iranian nation has fulfilled all its commitments regarding the treaty while those countries enjoying nuclear technology, despite their commitments and because of their selfish nature and monopolistic views, did not help Iran.”

The president further voiced pleasure with the return of Iran’s nuclear case to the IAEA, and said that the western powers are wrathful to see that his country’s nuclear dossier has returned to the UN nuclear watchdog through the unity and solidarity of the Iranian nation.

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