FNA Releases Documents: Chemical Bombardments of Iraqi Troops under Saddam’s Order

A033458229.jpgSecret documents proving that former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein had ordered chemical bombardments of his own troops during the 8 years of Iraqi imposed war on Iran was released by FNA for the first time. The documents show that Saddam had issued the said orders, first in June 1985, in a bid to project the guilt on Iran and annihilate the instinctive fear of his own troops.

The papers include four documents showing the relevant orders by senior Ba’th officials in the former Iraqi government and one enclosure which explains the goals, stages and results of the said measure. In the first four documents, Saddam’s endorsement which shows his agreement with the chemical bombardment of his own troops can be readily seen.

The Ba’this regime later announced partial success of the operation, yet the operation did not continue as it led to the chemical injuries and deaths of the Iraqi troops which took place due to unforeseen and unexpected factors, underestimation, and the troops’ disobedience for attending the secret operations.

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