Iran Hopeful about Returning Hostage-Takers from Pakistan Today

A033458231.jpgTalks between Iranian-and Pakistani officials for extraditing a group of hostage-takers from Pakistan will start producing its positive results today, an informed source said on Wednesday. By hostage-takers, the source alluded to the criminals who were arrested by the Pakistani police after taking several Iranians hostage in the southeastern province of Sistan and Balouchestan and fleeing to Pakistan last month. Islamabad officials returned the freed individuals to Iran a day after arresting the criminals, but they have so far shrugged off extradition of the hostage-takers.

The source told FNA that a majority of the hostage-takers are Iranian nationals who must be returned to Iran in accordance with Tehran-Islamabad agreement on the extradition of criminals.

Earlier Iranian Interior Minister Mostafa Pour-Mohammadi stressed Tehran’s determination to return the hostage-takers from Pakistan, and said that Iran has already sent to Islamabad several documents proving the Iranian nationality of the criminals.

“Iranian officials have demanded the Pakistani government to issue the required orders for the extradition of the Iranian hostage-takers,” Pour-Mohammadi told reporters a few weeks ago, adding, “The required documents showing the real identity and Iranian citizenship of the hostage-takers have been dispatched to the Pakistani officials.”

He said that Islamabad is doing the legal formalities for the extradition of Iranian criminals, and expressed the hope that the Pakistani government would take the required measures as soon as possible.

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