Iran to Stage a Show of Power Whenever Necessary

A033458217.jpgCommander of the Iranian army underlined his country’s military might, and said his troops will show Iran’s power in practice whenever and wherever necessary. Speaking to FNA here on Tuesday, Major General Ataollah Salehi dismissed West’s threats to stage blitzkriegs on Iran, and assured that enemies are not capable of invading the Islamic Republic, “otherwise, they wouldn’t have been dubious about doing so.”

He said military people round the world are of the same kind and know each other very well, “and they know that no military person may announce something until he has the power to do so. On the same basis, we tell our comrades in those (enemy) countries that we are confident that our capability and products along with the presence of our faithful and committed forces can respond to any kind of threat.”

“Our self-reliance has increased our time, capability and pace of confrontation. Enemies are merely relying on their own equipment and although they may succeed in staging short-term actions, they will be eventually defeated,” the army commander continued.

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