Iran Dismisses Argentina’s Claims

A03292228.jpgIran on Thursday criticized the recent statements of the Argentine president who accused Tehran of lack of cooperation in solving the AMIA case, and said that those in charge of the incident escaped punishment due to the existing corruption in the judiciary system of that country. Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Seyed Mohammad Ali Hosseini denounced the remarks made by Argentina’s President Nestor Kirchner Tuesday at the United Nations General Assembly, and strongly rejected Kirchner’s allegations about Iran’s lack of cooperation in solving the 1994 terrorist attack on the AMIA Jewish center in Buenos Aires.

Hosseini said Kirchner’s statements indicate that he either did not have up-to-date information or was affected by Argentina’s incoming elections campaigns and pressurized by the Zionists when making “such illogical comments”.

“Due to the corruption of Argentina’s judiciary system during the last 13 years, those in charge of the regrettable and bitter incident at AMIA have escaped punishment,” he said, adding, “As a humanitarian move and to shed light on the various dimensions of this catastrophic incident, the Islamic Republic of Iran has already voiced its preparedness to form a joint judicial and legal committee with Argentina.”

He further pointed out that the warmongering and violent Zionist groups still continue their efforts to bring tension to the political scene of Argentina and maintain Tehran-Buenos Aires relations frozen as they know that a clarification of the ambiguous and complicated points of the AMIA terrorist incident would damage their goals and plans.

To conclude his remarks, the foreign ministry spokesman advised the Argentine government to give priority to its national interest rather than being influenced by political pressures.

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