Cleric Praises Ahmadinejad’s Stances in US

A032922218.jpgThe stances voiced by the Iranian president during his address to the United Nations General Assembly was a source of pride for the world of Islam, Tehran’s provisional Friday Prayers leader Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati said here today. Addressing a large congregation of the worshippers on Tehran University Campus, Jannati described Ahmadinejad as a lustrous star at the Columbia University, and said that his address in there unveiled the true nature of the foes of the Islamic Republic to the entire world people.

He said that 77% of the academics in the US have voiced their support for the Iranian president’s remarks at the US Columbia University, and described such a wide support for Ahmadinejad as a failure and scandal for the US administration.

Jannati said that Ahmadinejad actually impeached the US administration during his two addresses to the Columbia University and UN meeting, and added that the spiritual and logical statements of the Iranian president, which stressed the need for the observation of rights and justice in the world, enlightened the minds of many people.

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