Military Aggression against Iran Destined to Failure

A032922215.jpgCommander of the Qods Corps of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) General Ghasem Soleymani warned West that any kind of military invasion of the Islamic Republic is doomed to defeat and failure. Addressing a meeting on martyred commanders on Thursday, the General said that Western countries are well aware that even the smallest strikes on Iran would be defeated “and they have observed and realized this fact during the 8 years of the US-backed Iraqi imposed war on Iran.”

“What has kept the enemy behind the borders of the Islamic Iran is the performance of the Iranian nation in different eras, and not the political and global considerations. They rather know the results of their actions. They are not sure of the results and outcomes of a military invasion of Iran.

“But we assure the enemies that any improper action by them would be certainly destined to failure and defeat,” the commander of the Qods Corps reiterated, calling on the West to recall the humiliating defeat of the Israeli army during the 33-day war on Lebanon last summer.

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