MP Blasts US Senate Resolution on Iraq

A00905689.jpgThe United States is seeking to attain its interests through disintegrating Iraq, a member of the Iranian parliament’s majority fraction said here on Sunday. Javad Aryan Manesh reminded that the US invaded Iraq in a bid to obtain its long-term interests, and said once the vigilant Iraqi people and the Shiite’s religious leaders took the initiative and the US failed in its efforts to bring a puppet government to power or to infiltrate the political decision-making circle in that country, Washington started different moves to materialize its goals.

“The increasing political vigilance of the Iraqi people, the dominance of the Islamic and independence-seeking thoughts among the people, the heavy economic and political expenses of the occupation of Iraq for the occupiers and the opposition of the US Democrats to the continued occupation of Iraq and the Republicans’ dire need to find a way to get rid of the quagmire they and the US president have created for the United States are among the main factors which have made the US Senate embark on approving such a resolution to disintegrate Iraq,” he said.

The legislator further criticized the US Senate for interfering in the other country’s affairs, saying that the plan seeks to undermine Iraq’s territorial integrity and national sovereignty and solidarity.

He also praised the meeting between Iraqi vice-president Taha Hashemi, who also leads the greatest Sunni political party in Iraq, with the Shiites’ religious leader the Grand Ayatollah Sistani in the city of Najaf on Saturday, and described it as an intelligent move to safeguard Iraq’s national unity and integrity and an effective step to defuse the new plots of the US and Zionists.

The lawmaker added that such measures can grow more effective if they are also supported and joined by the patriot leaders of the Iraqi Kurdistan.

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