Ahmadinejad Dismisses Bush’s Threats

A009056857.jpgIranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad described the US president’s recent allegations about Iran as a grave mistake, saying that Bush’s threats to Iran would bear no fruit for Washington. Ahmadinejad made the remarks during a ceremony here at Tehran University on Monday to mark the new academic year for universities and research and technology centers.

He noted the recent remarks by the US president George W. Bush who has called for increased international pressures on Iran, and said, ” but he is gravely mistaken and he should be aware that this strategy will lead to nowhere.”

The president blasted enemies for using the language of force and bullying, and said that the US is threatening Iran because it is not capable of brining logical deductions and counterarguments to convince the world.

“We observe that those opposing Iran’s development and progress feel miserable in dealing with Iran’s nuclear logic and only make incredible claims,” he said.

Ahmadinejad repeated his last week statements at Columbia University, and said the world has found Iran’s logic and rationale much interesting because Iran speaks of spirituality and a return to the divine path, “and due to man’s hunger for spirituality and justice, he is searching for a new way which is the path of spirituality, faith and monotheism.”

The president stressed that use of logic, quest for knowledge and promotion of science and culture are all typical of the Iranian nation, and reminded that the world knows Iranians as a nation of culture. “Thus, it is now our duty to promote useful and constructive sciences in universities and among human beings,” he concluded.

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