Iran Blocks Israel’s Participation in World Armies’ Olympic Games

A009056849.jpgIran’s efforts to establish a single stance among Islamic countries eventually succeeded in preventing the Zionist regime of Israel from joining the International Military Sports Council (CISM).Speaking to FNA here on Sunday, General Mohammad Ali Sabour, a member of the presiding board of the International Military Sports Council, said Israel strives to attend international events and bodies in a bid to buy recognition for its illegitimate entity.

“The Zionist regime, backed by certain western countries, launched extensive efforts in 2001 to take part in the world armies’ Olympic games,” he said, adding, “But Israel’s pressures were defused due to solidarity of the Islamic countries which had been created through the extensive consultations of Iran, and thus, they (Israeli regime and its western supporters) could not achieve their goal.”

The General said that following the said efforts by the Israeli regime, Iran, supported and accompanied by Islamic countries, threatened to withdraw from CISM.

“And the officials of the International Military Sports Council were eventually made to oppose Israel’s membership in the council, arguing that these games are meant to provide a place for peace and tranquility while the Zionist regime’s participation would cause tension and instability of these games,” he concluded.

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