Iran : Exports of Persian Carpets Shrink

A009056862.jpgPersian carpet which depicts the heritage of the country, is now facing serious threats from imitations of Pakistan, India and China in the global arena. According to Mr. Morteza Faraji, the head of Iran National Carpet Center, during March 21 to August 22, exports of hand woven Persian carpets have seen a plunge of 2 to 3 percent.

However Mr. Farazi expects that this descend can be balanced by exports in the second half of the year. Poor marketing is one of the vital reasons for this decline.

However, customers in European Union and Germany have shown interest in quality Persian carpets.

Currently Iran ranks first in global carpet market with a share of 43 percent followed by Pakistan and India with 25.8 and 24.3 percents, respectively.

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