Lebanon’s President should be Elected through Political Consensus

A009056853.jpgNasib Lahoud, a presidential nominee from the 14th of March Coalition, stressed that the next president of Lebanon should be elected through a consensus among all political groups of his country, saying Lebanon’s president should receive equal support from all political groups. Speaking in an exclusive interview with FNA in Beirut on Monday, Lahoud who enjoys the support of the ruling party, said he has good relations with the Hezbollah movement.

He pointed to his indirect contacts with Hezbollah, but refrained from revealing the contents of his exchanges.

Asked to comment on the military power of Hezbollah, Lahoud said, “I believe that weapons and military arsenals should be under the control and at the disposal of the government and that Hezbollah’s potentials should be utilized for the reinvigoration of the country’s defense system under the supervision of the government.”

Meantime, he said that the differences about the military armaments of the Lebanese resistance can be resolved merely through talks.

Elsewhere, Lahoud described Iran’s role in Lebanon as crucially important, and said, “Iran is a great country in the region and I expect Tehran to establish excellent ties with the Lebanese government and all political forces of this country similar to its excellent ties with the Shiite groups.”

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