Muslim Countries Oppose US Plan for Disintegration of Iraq

A009056866.jpgDelegations of Islamic countries participating in the 117th meeting of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) in Geneva voiced their strong support for Iran’s opposition to a US Senate resolution which called for the disintegration of Iraq. During the meeting in Geneva, the Iranian delegation stated support for the independence, national sovereignty and territorial integrity of Iraq, and offered participants to voice their opposition to the US Senate resolution, saying that the issue of Iraq requires increased international attention and care.

The Iranian legislative officials reminded that Baghdad has also condemned the resolution of the US Senate, and described it as a source of increased pain for the Iraqi people which would also intensify unrests and bloodshed in the war-torn neighbor of the Islamic Republic.

Head of the executive council of Iran’s IPU group Heshmatollah Felahat-pished also blasted the practice of unilateral approaches, intervention and aggression in the Middle-East in recent years, and said that such measures would intensify tensions and increase challenges in the region.

He also criticized the devilish efforts made by certain powers to sow discord among regional nations, and said these efforts are aimed at causing strife and animosity among regional countries in order to isolate some of them.

The legislator stressed Iran’s resolve to help put an end to the present crisis in Iraq and relieve the Iraqi people from their present pains and agonies, and underlined that establishment of peace and security, reinvigoration of unity and national sovereignty and safeguarding of territorial integrity of Iraq would be much beneficial to the Islamic Republic of Iran.

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